Not very fair, are you e-bay?

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I purchased a negative scanner a month ago and paid £50.00 for it. It arrived after 3 weeks and when i downloaded the software it broke my computer, i tried it out on another computer and the scanner was broken. I asked the seller for a refund but he offered a refund only if i wrote positive feedback. I could not do this as i wanted to warn other buyers from this seller. After writing positive feedback E-BAY REMOVED IT, ( i THOUGHT E-BAY INSISTED THAT THEY COULD NOT REMOVE FEEDBACK - liars)and i still haven't had a refund. I also bought a dvd which was never sent out to me, AGAIN - E-BAY DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE. Now i am constantly getting threatening e-mails from e-bay because i owe them £2 odd for fees. Unfortunately i still have to use e-bay, but i think it is disgraceful the way e-bay treat people.
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