Note for buyers of Beedle the Bard Collector's Edition

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To all potential buyers of The Tales of Beedle the Bard - Collector's Edition

Just a quick note to those of you interested in buying the Tales of Beedle the Bard Collector's Edition - some Ebay sellers are bending the truth when describing their items so hopefully this will clear it up. 

It is true that the collector's edition, only initially available through Amazon, has sold out and there were only 100,000 copies printed worldwide.  However, some sellers are listing their copies as 1st editions which, although not completely untrue, is misleading buyers.  Amazon only printed 100,000 copies of the collector's edition which are NOT numbered - there was only one print run so technically they are ALL 1st editions.  Some are not better than others.

I don't wish to dissuade buyers from purchasing the collector's edition - I have one myself and am very pleased with it - I just wanted to make it clear to buyers who may have otherwise been misled.

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