Nothing says summer like a barbeque

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There's simply nothing that compares to cooking over charcoal - the flavour, the smell, the theatre! A barbeque is never simply 'a barbeque' - it's a celebration. A celebration that for once the sun's out when you're NOT at work. A chance to enjoy the garden you've spent so long perfecting.

And don't forget, barbeques are for sharing, so get your friends to share a little of the work too. Ask everyone to bring a dish and together you'll have a feast for all. Sticky ribs, skewers and burgers, salads, dips and breads - a real celebration of food and friendship. Cheers!


Weber barbeque

Weber bbq
Price £153.95

This iconic Weber kettle barbeque is the business and all you need for sticky barbeque ribs, sizzling sausages and juicy burgers.


Bamboo salad bowls and servers

Price £26.99 for 3 pieces

Bold bright and unbreakable, these bamboo salad bowls and servers are a beautiful addition to the barbeque buffet.


garden lights


Price £33.95
Strings of garden lights add a magical touch, and make sure the party doesn’t fade when the light does.



Wipeable tablecloth

Price from £16.95

Whatever your party theme, there’s a table cloth to match – from polka dot to stripes and florals to nauticals.



Barbecue tools

barbeque tools
Price £9.95

A slice, tongs and fork - the right tools for the job.

Party plates


party plates Price £32.00 for 6

Adorable little bunnies hopping all over the plate - we couldn't resist!
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