Novelty Bank notes and the UK law

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Novelty Bank Notes


Novelty Bank notes are becoming ever more popular and collectable, ALL novelty bank notes produced in the UK are actually goverened by UK law.

As set out in the 1981 section18(1) of the forgery & counterfeiting act it is a CRIMINAL offence to 'reproduce' ANY part of a Bank opf England bank note without prior written permission.

Unfortunately most people are unaware of this and end up breaking the law by buying notes that have been placed on disc and then print them out.(99% of discs sold have no LEGAL resell rights, contrary to popular belief)

To gain this permission you must undertake to abide by certain conditions, the 2 most common conditions are that the bank notes are


My permission was granted some time ago and to the best of knowledge I was the first person in the UK to have legal permission to reproduce bank notes for resell purposes.

My ref number is FCA/9249B

Please check the Bank of England website to further imformation and to clarify the above imformation



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