Nursing Necklaces or Breastfeeding Necklaces

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Breastfeeding / Nursing Necklaces

A nursing necklace is a necklace designed to be worn whilst bottle feeding or breast feeding a little one.

Sometimes mums will find that their baby begins to be distracted while feeding or that their baby’s hands can wander while they’re feeding.

It can be helpful to wear a specially designed nursing necklace. The baby can then play with the necklace instead of scratching, biting or pulling on you or your clothes.

Nursing necklaces can help keep your baby's attention focussed so you can continue to breastfeed or bottle feed without distraction.

Although a nursing necklace is designed to be fiddled with whilst feeding it is not a toy and your little one should never be left alone and unsupervised with the necklace. 

I make and design nursing necklaces.

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