Nursing necklaces and the safety aspects to consider

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Babies really love to pinch and pull whilst feeding and this is often why Mums choose to wear a nursing necklace or Breastfeeding necklace to give their little one something to grab onto which will prevent the baby grabbing and pinching them. Using a stylish variety of beads and components your breastfeeding baby can safely explore them whilst they are sitting elegantly around Mums neck. This guide gives recommendations on what you should look for in a nursing necklace and the safety aspects to consider;

Important safety aspects of a  Nursing necklace

- Needs to be strong and guaranteed not to break! ( 90N is complaint with BS EN 71) safety testing is strongly advised
- Needs to be non toxic for when a baby touches, grabs and sucks / chews it whilst the caregiver is wearing it 
   ( most regular costume jewellery contains painted beads or nickel containing metals)
- Ideally it should be washable and able to be sterilised for when baby suck and chews it.
The best Nursing necklaces are created using the highest standards, using excellent quality components, ensuring that they are tested up to 90N and guarantee they will not break!  All components should be non-toxic and washable, so when your baby chomps on them they can be washed in hot soapy water or sterilised in an electric steriliser. The whole design of the nursing necklaces should be tested to BS EN 71 parts 1-3 which ensures that parts will not migrate. 

BS EN 71 are the European Toy Standards and although a nursing necklace is NOT a toy, these are the most appropriate standard to test to. It is best to make sure that the manufacturer you buy from has been approved by Trading standards and that they are in fact complying with these regulations.

Please note that neither teething necklaces, nursing necklace or breastfeeding necklaces are designed for babies to wear and this is why ALL nursing necklaces should carry the standard 0-3 prohibition warning due to risk of strangulation – PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED a Nursing necklace or any jewellery for their safety! 

Mama Jewels have been making elegant safety tested nursing necklaces since 2008 and comply with all the above recommendations and are approved by TRADING STANDARDS.  Mama Jewels Nursing necklaces
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