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Feeling down because you just lost your job, fed up, short of cash, lethargic?  I'm not writing this to sell you anything - but here are some tips that just might help you feel better about yourself....

I know what it's like to feel like this. In fact, most of us probably do. But here are ten ideas to get you out of bed and feeling a sense of achievment (and they won't cost you mega bucks either!)

No1.  is basically ... GET UP! If you have lost your job or are feeling miserable, it's easy to just not want to face the day.  But by getting up, and having a shower or a bath,  you're going to feel prepared for whatever the day holds!

No 2. Dress up!  Y'know, in wartime, even though folks didn't often have very much, they dressed up. It raised their spirits and the mood of those around them, even though bombs were dropping. So don't just drag on your sloppy old jogging bottoms and yesterdays t-shirt. Take your time and enjoy getting ready. Put on something smarter than normal. Do your hair and makeup nicely (if applicable) or have a good shave. Put on some aftershave or perfume. In other words, do whatever it takes to get yourself looking great and feeling pampered. You deserve to look your best.

No 3. Pour yourself a big glass of...WATER! Take one of your best glasses, make sure it's sparkling clean, add some ice and a slice of lemon if you have it and sip it like it was a cocktail. Afterwards you will feel hydrated, any headache you had will probably subside, and it will curb your appetite.We all know we should be drinking more water - 1.5 to 2 litres a day - it makes us feel so good and its FREE!

No 4. Clean something! It might be your jewellery, a cupboard, a floor, your kitchen, or your car but being active and having the satisfaction of seeing the finished effect - gleaming and pristine, will be sure to make you feel very satisfied. Obviously you will need to cover those nice clothes if you are going to attempt anything too messy though!

No 5. Go for a walk!  You don't need to own a dog to enjoy a walk (although I am sure he or she would enjoy the exercise too!).  Put on some comfy shoes and get walking for a healthy body and mind. Make it brisk or just take it at a pace that suits you. Go for at least 30 mins if you can.   If you pass someone, try smiling and nodding.  You will be amazed how a little happiness will brighten them up, and you - and it costs NOTHING!

No 6. Sort something out!  Most of us have a collection of something that needs sorting.  CD's, DVD's, a sewing box, bank statements....by now you are already feeling more in control and after a good sort out of 'stuff' you will feel even more confident in the way you are managing your day. Take anything you don't want to the charity shop and enjoy the new found space!

No 7. Don't beat yourself up!  Perhaps things haven't gone too well for you lately...but don't dwell on it.  Acknowledge what's been wrong, learn from it and move your thoughts onto more positive things, things that make you happy. There really is no point to punishing yourself over what's gone before.  (We can't change what has happend in the past but we can change our attitude towards it.)

No 8.   Pamper your fFEET! Male or female, we don't pay enough attention to our feet until they start giving us problems. Giving yourself a relaxing pedicure will make you feel really pampered and it won't cost a thing!  Just get yourself a towel and a nice bowl of hot soapy water.  Soak your feet for ten minutes - more if you want - before removing any hard skin with a file and cutting / shaping the toe nails. Now, don't they look good and don't they feel great? 

No 9.  Since you may have more time on your hands, this might be a good time to GET CREATIVE! - explore what else you are good at apart from the things you already know. Why not try something new like drawing a picture, making a collage, painting something, or writing a story ? It doesn't really matter if it's any good or not - the point is that you have a go and have a bit of fun along the way. Or why not start by writing a letter about something that bothers you to your MP or local paper?

No 10. Give up your time for someone. It might be just sparing time to listen to someone at the bus stop, or calling a friend or your mother, but having them know that you care about them will in turn make you feel a better person. It's easy to get bogged down with your own problems, but hearing other people's can sometimes make ours seem less serious. 

I do hope you have found this helpful. Thanks for reading this far.Of course there are hundreds of things you might try to help lift your mood, but these ten things have helped me and those I care about. I would love it if you could give this guide a YES vote by clicking below.

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