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Here we are again,the time to look and book..,with the costs now starting to increase due to recession forces, Holiday Company,s/Agents moving to breakdown of package deals..,ie BOARD/FLIGHT plus all suppliments..,advertising ALL-IN HOLIDAY DEALS LESS FLIGHT+ ALL FEES/SUPLIMENTS..,what they advertise is not a special offer...,only for the HOTEL PLUS IN STAY ARRANGEMENTS...,same goes for some time now with flights ..,the songs..., GOES ...ONE WAY TICKET, or we see up on the bill boards..,they should be made to  show RETURN PRICES..,with single prices offerd as well...,well its rip of BRITAIN is it not..,yet the goverment allows it..,remember when we bought a 3 piece suite all in price ..,again its been allowed to split and charge for chairs and settee,s ...,the bed is another example split for maximum profits...,mattress/base bottem..,well is the motor car to be the next....,???CAR COMPLETE.., LESS WHEELS..,I KNOW LETS MAKE EACH WHEEL £3,000 each..,we will have to pay or its going to be jacked up on bricks..,its going no where..,what a good idear...,am making a valid point..HOLIDAYS WATCH AND FORCE THEM TO SHOW ALL IN PRICES..,The standards people need to take action to stop this or just like all the other cases this is happening , it will be- come the nome.............Agree ???

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