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Yesterday I was going to bid on a ladies vest top, till I noticed the seller was charging nearly £4.00 P&P! Packed correctly this top could have been sent as a small packet at a charge of 78p, even allowing for packing materials that is quite a profit. Needless to say I passed on this one.

I know it is a bone of contention with many e-bayers - myself included - that sellers repeatedly try to recoup listing & Paypal fees through inflated postal charges. I have just read several reviews from sellers justifying these charges - cost of packaging (go to £1land - dirt cheap) , travel to & from the Post Office etc etc. My view is that if you CHOOSE to sell on e-bay, whether as a business or as a private individual then you must be prepared to absorb some of these costs yourself.

E-bay historically was a place to find a bargain - for people to off-load their unwanted items, to be able to advertise to a wide audience and hopefully at the end of the day pocket a little cash. The Electronic Boot and Yard sale. In the majority of cases for the private individual it still is, but if more and more people try and spoil the system - and I do think something as small as inflating the postal charges could be a problem - then e-bay will fail.

Yes I know that I do not have to bid if I don't like the price and no doubt all those sellers out there whom recognise themselves in this review will still feel quite within their rights to continue charging as they do, my request is just to think about it - if you believe that what you are charging is fair - then carry on - only don't be too surprised when your items don't sell.

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