Oasis Floral Foam Buying Guide

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Oasis Floral Foam Buying Guide

Floral foam is a popular crafts material designed to hold floral arrangements. The foam is soft, yet stable enough for both artificial and live flowers to be inserted and held in place. This allows users to create complex and original designs of their choosing. Floral foam is sold in several different shapes, including blocks, hearts, spheres, and cylinders. Keep in mind that floral foam can also be trimmed or sculpted with a utility knife to match the needs of the user. Most foam is sea-green in colour, though buyers can find a dry-brick colour and a few others, as well. Choose the option that is the least conspicuous to keep attention focused on the arrangement, and not on the foam.

Trays for floral foam are used to keep the material in place while preventing water from leaking onto a table or other surface. They often have studs on their base that insert into the underside of the floral foam for extra stability. These hard plastic products are commonly designed to hold rectangular and cylindrical foam, though other shapes are also available.

Floral foam can be purchased from florists, specialty hobby and crafts stores, and online sellers. Marketplaces like eBay have listings for a high number of products, including a variety of shapes and colours. Compare sellers to find the best product, and choose floral foam to create attractive arrangements for any occasion.

Choosing Oasis Floral Foam

There are several sizes and shapes of floral foam available for purchase. Begin shopping by selecting the size and design of foam needed, and refine options by their colour. Once the type of foam has been selected, shop for usable trays.


The particular shape of floral foam affects the types of floral arrangements that can be made, so it is important to select products for the flowers being used. The following table lists some of the many shapes of floral foam available.

Floral Foam Shape



The most basic shape for floral foam. Can be small cubes, or long rectangular prisms.


Allows flowers to be inserted from all angles for a distinctive arrangement.


Usually thin and flat. Can accent the base of a vase or other object.


Ideal for setting into vases or other narrow containers.


Heart shapes are great for anniversaries and holidays. Look for heart-shaped floral foam in a range of sizes to find suitable items.


Cupcake-shaped products often have their own containers decorated to look like cupcake holders.

Funeral Tributes

Can be shaped as crosses, wings, angels, or text.

Floral foam can be designed in other shapes, such as airplanes or animals, and can be used for almost any event. Keep in mind that a utility knife can also be used to modify available products to create original shapes and designs.


There are two primary colours for oasis floral foam. Most products are a sea-green colour, which allows them to blend in well with an arrangement. Foam is also sometimes designed with a dry- brick colour, which can give the appearance of dirt. The colour of floral foam darkens when it is wet, so take this into consideration if live flowers are used.


Although floral foam can be used to hold flowers or build an arrangement on its own, several types of trays are available to help stabilise the material. These also prevent water from seeping out onto a table or other surface. Trays are made from a hard plastic, and have a lip around their edge to contain liquids. They may have studs or other texture to help hold the foam in place. Trays for block- and column-shaped floral foam are the most common, though some can be found for other shapes, as well.

Trays are created in several different colours. Look for products in the same green colour used for foam products, or consider a black or white tray. Buyers looking for a less conspicuous item can also find translucent products. Trays are commonly sold in sets of at least two or three, and sometimes contain more than one colour.

How to Use Floral Foam

Floral foam can be used in several different ways. It can hold artificial flowers or live ones, be set flat on a surface or in a vase, or be cut into a shape to be used entirely on its own. Learn how to use floral foam in different situations for the best results at any event.

Cutting Foam

Foam may need to be cut to a specific size in order to fit on a tray or into a container. The material is easiest to cut when it is dry, so do not wet the material until the flowers are ready to be set into it. Simple cuts such as removing a section from the end of a block can be done easily with a kitchen knife. For more complex cuts, such as designs or carvings, use a utility knife. If there is a chance a block of foam can be visible once the arrangement is complete, consider trimming the edges off the corners. This can help the block appear more like a pedestal, and keep it from conflicting with the flowers.

Wetting Foam

Floral foam should be wet if live flowers are to be used. This helps keep the flowers alive and attractive for the duration of an event, and also allows the flowers to be inserted into the foam without placing force on the stems. Begin by filling a bowl or bucket with water. Choose one that is large enough to contain the foam piece or pieces, as needed. Place the foam in the water and allow it to soak up the moisture naturally. Do not move it around or squeeze it, as this can cause the foam to take on air pockets. These result in dry spots within the material that may leave a portion of the flower arrangement without water. It is important to not leave foam in the water for too long, as the material can begin to disintegrate. Once the foam is saturated, remove it from the water and place it onto the tray or container. From there, the flower stems can be inserted.

How to Buy Floral Foam on eBay

All types of floral foam can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. To find these items, begin shopping from the home page. You may enter keywords into the search field, or use category links to browse listings. In many cases, a combination of the two methods can provide highly specific results. For example, type "floral foam" into the search field to see all items tagged with those keywords. From there, look for a link to narrow all search results to crafts products. You may also use category links to browse by price, condition, and seller location. New keywords can be introduced at any time. 

Once you have located the types of floral foam you are interested in, take a moment to investigate individual listings. Click on the name or image of an item in a listing to see its details. Check the price of the item, and remember to include shipping charges into the total cost of the purchase. It is also important to determine which payment methods are accepted by the seller to ensure a quick transaction. Contact the seller if you have any questions.

Sellers on eBay have a positive feedback rating that indicates the satisfaction of customers within the past 12 months. Use this information in relation to the number of transactions they have completed to quickly assess sellers' reliability and experience on the site. Clicking on eBay users' names opens their full profiles. There, you can view comments left by previous buyers, and see average ratings based on several criteria such as shipping speeds and accuracy of item descriptions.


Floral foam can be used as a foundation for floral arrangements. It is suitable for both artificial and live flowers, and is capable of holding moisture to keep an arrangement looking great throughout an event. Begin shopping for floral foam by selecting a shape. Foam is sold in the shape of blocks, cylinders, rings, hearts, and more. Buyers can also select from sea-green or dry-brick colours to find the least conspicuous material for their arrangements.

Shop for trays to hold floral foam in place. These are made from a hard plastic material, and also prevent water from leaking onto other materials. Trays are designed in several colours, including white, black, green, and clear. They are primarily created for block- and column-shaped foam, though other shapes are available also. Cut floral foam to match the size of the tray used, and be sure to wet the material properly to ensure it keeps flowers looking great over time.

Floral foam can be purchased from craft and hobby stores, florists, and online sellers. Marketplaces like eBay have a high number of listings, and can be used to quickly compare prices between multiple sellers. Consider all options to find the best floral foam available, and begin preparing for the next special occasion.

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