Obtaining Name and Address details from Sellers.

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In cases where the Seller accepts payment other than by paypal (i.e Personal cheque,Postal order etc) I wish Ebay would make it compulsory for the Seller to add their Name and address on the payment page.

As I have been having some problems with paypal recently I have had to use this mode of payment quite frequently and all I seem to find is"Name and Address not on File with Ebay".Thereafter it takes anything from a couple of days,or in some cases a week,or more, to obtain this information,and then you even on some occasions have to threaten opening a "Dispute" to sort it!.

I am very easy going,and relaxed about Ebay generally,but feel strongly that Sellers in this case have no reason to withold their details,particually as the Buyer has to ensure that they have these details before payment can be sent!.



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