Off road vehicles - buying from China or the UK?

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When buying off road vehicles or ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) - quad bikes, scooters, mini motos, go peds, go karts, choppers, etc. - it's essential to make an informed choice  before you spend your money. This guide is for traders with small or large amounts of cash who want to get into the lucrative off road vehicles business.

If you're buying in bulk the best option initially looks like China. The prices are far cheaper than in the UK and many traders make good money importing ORVs from China and selling on eBay. However, you need to factor in import duty charges and goods handling charges before you make your initial purchase. You may be sold the vehicles with warranties but there will be no end of problems if you try and reclaim the money if the ORVs don't work.

Chinese companies sometimes buy the parts to construct their electrical products from 'electrical supermarkets' - these are dirt cheap markets where electrical parts can be bought and products assembled from them. But whilst the parts may (or may not) work the end products are sometimes sent out in non working order.

One order of scooters I bought from China consisted of mechanisms, batteries and motors that all worked separately - but not together! After making circuit boards for the scooters, some of them worked. But this was too time consuming and I ended up selling the parts separately and making a profit - just.

Additionally, mirror sites are a common problem overseas. This is when a trader finds a site to buy from and copies it, with only the prices and addresses changed. So a middle man is already making a profit from your money before you get the goods (if you do).

Despite all the above problems, I must stress that the cheapest and best produced vehicles are more often than not manufactured in China. So how do you know that you are buying the best from China? Firstly, always get individual samples. If these are OK then the only way to make good money is to buy by the container load. It is usual in Britain for a few traders to club together to do this. Of course even then you are not assured of quality - it is more likely you'll make a quick killing and that's it.

The best thing to do is to visit the company you intend to buy from, check out their manufacturing facilities and assure yourself that this is a reliable and reputable company. But what if you can't afford to do that?

In the last two years there has been a massive growth in companies selling ORVs in the UK. The prices are coming down and you can usually get a minimum order of 5 ORVs at a discount price. Some companies even dropship now. Dropshipping is where your supplier holds stock for you and you don't buy them until you get the order from your customer. Then the supplier ships the product out for you.

Remember that car boot sales, local papers and your own website are other ways you can sell off road vehicles in addition to eBay.

So, if you want to buy and sell Off Road Vehicles and have a limited budget, your best bet is to buy first from the UK and when you have made good money here, then look at importing direct from China.  

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