Old paint in tin cans.

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Years ago in the previous house, i found that I had a million cans of old paint on shelves in the garage, usually 1/4 full or less.. I thought that it was a shame to throw the lot out, so I experimented. I brought the lot into the kitchen (when my wife was out ) and heated one pot at a time on the electric hotplate ( no open flame ) I had an old file that was worn out, and used it as a stirrer. The paint and skins went very thin, with a small amount of turps. added., I repeated this in each can, adding the previous thinned out paint and skins to the next one. I repeated this over and over again, until I had a bucket of paint, I poured this warm mixture through an old net curtain into one of the better larger cans, and used it as a first coat to cover up an old shed, inside and out. I of course was referring to oil-bound paint.
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