Olympus Camedia 5060 wideangle zoom.

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Although several years old now, these models are still one of the best ever produced by Olympus. If you look beyond the styling, which is a cross beween a potato and a brick, the performance by any standards is superb. I doubt if Olympus could afford to manufacture to this quality again and still keep the price sensible. The cameras' greatest feature is a rare (by digital standards) 27mm wideangle lens of amazing quality in such a small body. The camera has loads of operating features which do not reveal themselves for several weeks of practice but is simple enough to use for the novice who might stick to basic settings. Plenty of advanced stuff to learn though. It also has a RAW mode for the finest quality pictures. The cameras broad-base design is a excellent feature because it allows it to be positioned on almost any level surface without the need for a tripod and is very stable for long exposures. It's multi-directional viewfinder is brilliant! I know of nothing else which is like this. The camera has 'only' 5 million pixals but they are very well matched to the size of the sensor for the best pictures. Many recent compact cameras with twice as many pixals produce inferior images. I've tried many of them and they make the Olympus C5060 seem like the best thing since sliced bread!

 So are there any negative things? Hardly at all. The camera is a bit slower to operate than some newer models and will never win any beauty-contest - but it would be a mistake to view this model as anything but impressive! Not quite as 'pocketable' as a true compact camera but much more convenient to carry around than a DSLR with the certain confidence of excellent photographs. Lots of accessories available and a true classic. 9.5/10



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