One Kilo Silver Bullion Bars for Investment - 999 Ag

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One Kilo Silver Bullion Bars for Investment
Silver bullion bars or ingots come in various shapes and sizes (weights), from 5 grams or less, up to 5 kilos.
There are also 1,000 ounce bars, which are obviously rather large and unwieldly. but are used and stored by major bullion banks and vaults, rather than by private investors.

A Selection of One Kilo Silver Bullion Bars from
Metalor, Credit Suisse, Swiss Bank Corporation, Argor, Johnson Matthey, Mocatta - Engelhard, Heraeus, Schone, & Degussa

One Kilo
The most convenient weight for most small and medium investors is the 1 kilo size.

Silver Bars
In the UK, silver bullion bars are subject to VAT and the rest of the EU, which removes much of their investment potential. Because of this, we have not previously offered new silver bullion bars for sale. In addition, the production cost of silver ingots is relatively higher than for gold bars. By the time handling and shipping costs are added, silver bars are not the most attractive form of investment in Britain, except for a VAT registered person or business. We would recommend gold bars or coins, which are now exempt from VAT, and about which we have information on our specialist "Tax Free Gold" website. We also list some on eBay occasionally.

Now Available
As we have been asked so frequently for silver bars, we have been hard at work to source silver bars at reasonable prices, but first, some information.

Information about Silver Bars
Silver bullion bars are invariably .999 silver, which means 999 parts per thousand pure.
Very occasionally, second-hand silver bars available, which can be bought at "inclusive" prices, the only VAT being on the dealer's profit margin, and therefore almost negligible. We tend to get only a few second-hand kilo bars in a year, and we get about the same number of enquiries each week!

Most silver bullion bars do not come with certificates, but some do. It is worth watching out for our Metalor 1 kilo bars. To get them at the right cost, we normally have to contract for at least half a tonne at a time.

The approximate dimensions of many 1 kilo silver bars, including Metalor and Metaux Precieux are:-
Dimension    Millimetres    Inches
Length    118    4.7
Width    53    2.1
Depth    15    0.6

Dimensions of Other Silver Bar Weights
All dimensions quoted are approximate, and in millimetres. Where different dimensions are quoted for the same bar weight and type, the commonest shape is shown first.
Weight    Type    Length    Width    Depth
5000 Grams    Cast    245    76    30
5000 Grams    Cast    163    70    50
1000 Grams    Cast    85    48    25
1000 Grams    Cast    110    48    19
1000 Grams    Flat    120    55    14
1000 Grams    Cast    90    60    20
500 Grams    Cast    70    39    18
500 Grams    Cast    85    37    15
250 Grams    Cast    58    28    15
250 Grams    Flat    62    38    11
100 Grams    Stamped    50    29    7
100 Grams    Stamped    55    31    6
100 Grams    Cast    50    25    9
50 Grams    Stamped    47    26    4
50 Grams    Cast    37    21    6.5
1 Ounce    Stamped    42    23    3
20 Grams    Stamped    40    23    2
20 Grams    Stamped    30    18    3.5
10 Grams    Stamped    25    15    2.5
5 Grams    Stamped    22    13    1.5

Other Weights of Silver Bars
The most common size of silver ingots we available are:-
    * Five Kilos - 5,000 Grams
    * One Kilo - 1,000 Grams
    * Half Kilo - 500 Grams
    * Quarter Kilo - 250 Grams
    * 100 Grams
    * 50 Grams
    * One Ounce - 31.1035 Grams
    * 20 Grams
    * 10 Grams
    * 5 Grams

Author & Copyright Notice
Any images shown are our own copyright images. Our text and description is also copyright, Lawrence Chard of Chard Coins.

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