One eBay seller NOT to trust.

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If I were asked which eBay seller not to trust it would definitely be rikkyboy69.  We paid for the item, it was NOT expensive.  We received the item, we both gave mutual good feedback.  Weeks later the seller rikkyboy69 issued us with not one but TWO alerts for alleged non payment even though we proved we had paid TWICE & have BOTH PAYPAL RECEIPTS.

In the end we were so fed up we paid him TWICE for the same item (admittedly only £3.49) each time plus P & P in September.  Therefore we've paid TWICE & received the item ONCE.  It is the latest item on our feedback page. 

We may NOT BID ON EBAY for quite a while if this disturbing and unfair practice is conducted.

Why are some sellers ie rikkyboy69 so arrogant & rude & cannot even communicate?  Why did the seller rikkyboy69 call us computer illiterate AND say we bidded more than once for an item.  We thought the rules were that you could bid more than once on an item.  Ebay please check.  He also said we should not be allowed on eBay.  What a cheek!

Careful all eBay buyers. 

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