Oooh i could scream !

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Just need to get this off my chest!  How many times am I going to recieve items described  as " Nearly New" on eBay that quite clearly are well worn, stained, smelly, dirty, scratched etc. One item had someones dinner down the front! It really infuriates me. Ok, so you can file a report or leave neg feedback, it gets you no where as they have the audacity to leave negative feedback for you when you have done nothing wrong except part with your hard earned cash to buy something that sounds like a good bargain only to find a ' pile of old tat ' delivered to your door!  Its starting to put me off lately, am I alone on this one? My latest purchase is a pair of ladies ' as new ' shoes, this actually translates as:  leather missing in three places, deep dent/scuff in  heel, leather peeling in parts, gunge/puss inside from blisters, lightly covered in dust. Need i say more???????????????????



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