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I read a review recently claiming that people selling Open Office were "fraudsters".
Just to put the record straight, I also sell Open Office and I don't consider myself a fraudster.

Open Office is a free to download Office software program that is as good, better at some things than most other comprehensive Office Suites that cost a lot of money.
Compatible with Microsoft Office documents it is a superb Office Suite.

To be able to sell the Open Office Suite legitimately you must first apply for Registration.
Most of the Open Office Cd's I see for sale look perfectly ligitimate and are probably okay.

The review claiming that we are all fraudsters didn't take many points into consideration and was clearly ill thought out.
  1. The Open Office download is over 160 Mb and for people with a Dial Up connection (yes there are still people with dial up), this can take over an hour, if the download goes uninterupted.
  2. Open fully support the sale of their product, so much so that they provide Graphics and Animated Gifs to help us in our efforts.
  3. Open also recommend a sale price of around $10.00 to cover the cost of the Cd and a little for the time taken to write it.
  4. Most of the Open Office Cd's contain a lot more "freeware" software than just Open Office.
  5. Looking at the Buy It Now prices in the Open Office category the average sale price is around £3.00 to £4.00.
  6. My own Cd (and a lot of others too I would guess) come with full autoplay, sound and one click installation of the software contained on the Cd. Try to do this manually and you will struggle, you need special software to do this and this also comes at a cost which hjas to met.
  7. Many people are very wary of downloading files from the Internet and installing them on their computer.
In conclusion I believe that a full Office Suite and other software on an autoplay Cd with easy to understand User Interface, posted to your door, all legitimate with no Spyware, is very, very cheap at around £5.00 including the postage.
By all means download the Software yourself, I will give you the link if required, or buy in complete confidence from one of the eBayers selling the Open Office Suite.

Let me know what YOU think.
Ken at Bitsinabox.
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