Organic Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

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Organic Face Moisturiser Buying Guide

Organic moisturisers are an essential part of any healthy skincare regimen due to the fact that they help keep the skin looking supple and smooth. While some buyers are put off from switching to an organic moisturiser because they believe it is not as effective, the truth is that these natural ingredients do phenomenal work in terms of skin care. In fact, organic moisturisers are incredibly healthy for the skin since they contain no harsh chemicals. Those who have sensitive skin appreciate the soothing effects of organic moisturisers. Picking the right type of moisturiser can be daunting when one is faced with the overwhelming selections found in beauty shops, drug stores, or online via websites like eBay. Dry skin, oily skin, tinted moisturisers, the choices seem almost endless at times. Start with selecting the right moisturiser for your particular skin type, and then focus on finding a brand that uses only organic ingredients with additional benefits such as SPF protection from the sun.

Understanding Moisturisers

Humans are made up of 65 per cent water. Therefore, it is absolutely vital that the body and the skin are constantly replenished with water. Dry skin becomes rough, irritated, and uneven. This is where moisturisers come in to save the day by providing an added boost. A good moisturiser provides a layer of protection between the skin and the outside elements. It keeps the skin hydrated while providing essential vitamins and nutrients for a healthy, vibrant glow.

Organic Moisturisers

Many moisturisers in the beauty industry come with strong chemicals. The downside to these products is that because moisturisers are designed to stay on the skin for long periods of time, the chemicals end up getting absorbed by one's skin. For this reason, many buyers are choosing to go with organic moisturisers. Organic products contain only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. Safe enough even for sensitive skin sufferers, they are a healthy option when it comes to the beauty aisle.


Emollients are oils designed to make the skin soft and supple. Every good moisturiser contains emollients of some kind. Organic moisturisers typically use either beeswax, shea butter, or cocoa butter. Plant-derived oils like squalene, which comes from olive oil or jojoba is also found.


Humectants help the skin absorb water. Popular humectants found in organic moisturisers include hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring acid found in the human body, and glycerin. Sorbitol is also used, and all of these ingredients help keep water molecules attached to the skin for long-lasting protection.

Healing Agents

Some moisturisers, even the organic ones, can contain ingredients that may irritate the skin. Healing agents work to soothe irritated skin and keep it looking natural. Popular skin healers include aloe, chamomile extract, green tea, and bisabolol.


Not keeping skin protected against the harmful damage of the sun not only causes wrinkles, it can even cause cancer by overexposure to ultraviolet rays. Any good moisturiser should include some SPF, or sun protection formula, to keep out the sun's rays. Organic SPF agents include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Choosing the Right Moisturiser

Skin comes in all different colours and types, and for this very reason there is a wide variety of moisturisers. Selecting the appropriate one means understanding skin type and purchasing the right match. Some people have dry skin, others have oily skin, and some may have both. Additionally, those who suffer from sensitive skin, or have mature skin, may need special moisturisers formulated just for them.

Normal Skin

Normal skin types, also called combination skin, have the best of both worlds. Their skin is neither too dry nor too oily. However, they still need to use moisturisers to keep up their skin's appearance and ensure it stays vibrant. Non-organic types for normal skin often contain powerful chemicals such as cyclomethicone. Choose an organic option with shea butter, cocoa butter, or a plant-oil base instead for a healthier glow.

Dry Skin

Red skin, itchy skin, and irritate skin are all signs of dryness. Some people suffer from dry skin all the time while others are seasonally exposed, especially during the winter months. Since dry skin types need extra protection, these moisturisers are usually formulated with heavier oils. Synthetic dry-skin moisturisers often contain petroleum-based products. Organic moisturizers contain healthier alternatives such as grapeseed oil or natural antioxidants. Always test dry skin moisturisers on a patch of skin first before applying it to the face. Sometimes the heavier concentration of oils can make even non-irritated skin break out.

Oily Skin

Those whose skin breaks out into acne periodically, sometimes forgo moisturiser entirely because they mistakenly believe it leads to greater acne problems. This is unfortunate because without moisturisers, the skin has very little protection against the elements. Moisturising products formulated for those with oily skin use light oils that are strong enough to protect the skin, but not thick enough to clog pores. Mineral water-based organic moisturisers are an ideal solution for those suffering from oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

Those with sensitive skin are usually nervous about putting anything new on their face. They typically suffer from redness breakouts seasonally, and many products that contain harsh chemicals are too strong for them. Organic products are the best answer for anyone who suffers from sensitive skin. Choose a moisturiser with a strong healing agent like chamomile extract or aloe for the best results.

Mature Skin

Ageing skin requires special care to keep new wrinkles from forming, while continuing to provide a youthful glow. Most moisturisers sold for mature skin are oil-based just like dry skin moisturisers because, as the skin ages, the oil-producing glands start to slow down. Again, stores often sell synthetic options based on petroleum products, but this does not mean that organic moisturisers for mature skin are not available. Mature skin moisturisers based on hyaluronic acids provide for astonishing anti-ageing results, and are far more healthy for the skin than their petroleum-based counterparts.

Reading Labels

Organic is a popular marketing trend by-word. Therefore, sometimes customers may see products on the shelves, or for sale online on eBay, that claim to be organic or natural, but may actually contain synthetic chemicals. The best way to determine if a product is truly organic is to read the label. Even online vendors usually include labelling information so that customers can determine what is used in their product. Ask for a list of substances if one is not available. A helpful tip when reading the labels is that if the customer cannot pronounce the name of a word on the label, and there is no common name for the ingredient, it is likely synthetic.

Using Moisturisers

Moisturisers should be part of a daily skincare regimen. First, cleanse the face completely to remove any excess oils or dirt. Use a toner to help open up the pores of the face before applying the moisturiser. Rub the product all over the face, paying extra attention to any dry areas around the cheekbones. Do not forget to apply the moisturiser to the neck area as well.

Night Creams

Some moisturisers are labelled as night creams. These oil-based moisturisers help rejuvenate the skin during the night, but they may be too heavy for oil-prone skin types. Apply before bedtime using the same process as is done for daily moisturisers. When used repeatedly, night creams produce the same youthful glow as regular moisturisers, and lead to healthier looking skin.

Buying Organic Moisturisers on eBay

Shopping from the convenience of your home is simple on eBay. Name brand organic products compete side-by-side with special remedies, and it is easy to find a new favourite for your skincare regimen. International shipping options are also available so that you can select from products for sale from all over the world.

Finding Organic Moisturisers on eBay

You can search eBay more efficiently by using terms to quickly narrow your search. For example, start off searching for 'face moisturisers' to find products only for facial use. From there, search for 'organic face moisturisers'. Men can find moisturisers just for them by searching for 'men's skin care' and then searching for 'organic men's moisturisers'. You can also narrow the products by type. For example, if you are looking for mature skin moisturisers, start your search by typing in 'anti-ageing skin care'. From there, search for 'organic moisturisers' to find the product best suited for your needs.


Organic moisturisers are a healthy alternative to synthetic chemical-laden products. Not only are these products safe for the skin, they even help keep up a youthful glow and healthy appearance. Apply moisturiser daily to see the greatest benefits from the product, and always select the type that works with the skin. Dry skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin all have different requirements, and moisturisers produce the best results when paired with the right skin type. Choose organic products based on the label, and carefully read through the substance listing. Some products, such as squalene or bisabolol may sound synthetic, but they are in fact derived from natural sources. Always test out a moisturising product on the arm before applying it directly to the face. eBay sells many organic moisturisers from all over the world that customers can enjoy. When it comes to skin care, use safe, natural products like organic moisturisers for the best results.

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