Original Giant African Land Snails Snail Food Mixes

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This guide is about how to use the various snail mixes i make from an old receipe i found about 15 years ago .

These specialy formulated mixes for your snails contain various cereals seeds and limestone flour so you know your snails are getting all the amino acids, fatty acids, calcium and protein that they need and its all GM FREE.

there are 5 available including extra special snail mix, snail mix, hemp, sunflower kernels and chicken mash all stone ground to a fine powder.

they are a supliment and should be given once a week with their normal weekly fresh food diet.

first you mix whatever mix your using with water to make a smooth paste them what i do is cut a tomato in half scrape out the seeds and them fill it with the paste , you can put it on a dish but the tomato stops it drying out . 

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