Original Novelty Vesta Case Match Safes

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My name is Dean, and I sell under the user name 'matchsaferunner' on ebay.  We also sell vesta cases at various Collector Fairs throughout the country.  We have specialist collectors all over the world, and have been selling vestas for nearly 23 years. 

We specialise in buying collections, please see my collection of original vesta cases that have just been posted on ebay. 

Over the last five years, the market has been devastated by reproduction novetly vesta cases.  It all started when a private collection was sent to Japan / China and copied.  Then basically, non caring dealers would pass on the novelties on ebay as originals.  Also, silver items that have force full english hallmarks, these are usually extremely large in size, fake enamels passing off as David Anderson, which are not even silver!

So, basically if anyone would like any information / clarification of vesta cases / match safes please feel free to email me. 

PS - Since writing this guide a few of my collectors have contacted me, and said they do not mind a few reproductions with their collections, I agree, so long as they are sold as new reproductions in brass and silver, and the general public and collectors are not buying these as originally made in c. 1890. 

NEWS UPDATE  11.01.12

Because this review has been enjoyed and useful to certain members,  I have just started on new facebook page, called Matchsaferunner.  Please join by liking, thanks.

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