Ornaments - Valuable Trinket or Worthless Dust Catcher?

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Here are the ways to assess the value of a particular ornament.

1: What studio did it come from? Faberge obviously would cost more than Leonardo or even no mark at all.

2: Is it a recognisable figure? For instance a character in a book. Even if you don't recognise it immediately, there might be some history behind it which you can find on the internet.

3: It is in an undamaged state? Ornaments of course are prone to damage so this greatly reduces the value.

4: Is it pleasing to the eye? Decorative patterns of course sell well like Clarice Cliff. However some seemily ugly things can be worth money, such as those squat birds.

5: Can it be linked to a particular artistic movement? For instance art deco or art nouveau?

6: How many of this item was made? Was it an unpopular item in its time? This can drive prices up.

7: Is it made from an unusual material? Glass Hummels tend to be worth more than their ceramic counterparts.

8: Does it have some function? For instance cup, bowl. bookend, lamp, etc.?

There are points to note. If you are someone who cannot operate a camera very well it is probably best to stay away from ornaments, don't just buy things in the hope you will learn...

And secondly make sure you package well, especially for overseas. When goods are sent overseas there is more opportunity for them to get damaged.

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