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Chris Price Cars represents the online division of our car sales and sourcing company, first established in 1998.

As the Proprietor of Chris Price Cars, I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to view this page and to offer a very warm welcome.

This page explores the history of the company and provides a complete buyer's guide.
My First Car Showroom
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My First Car Showroom

History of Chris Price Cars and its Proprietor

I have been totally and utterly fascinated with cars for as long as I can remember. My first road test was published in a local newspaper when I was still at school and I produced a weekly classic car column when only 15 years of age. 

A year later, I became the youngest ever finalist in the prestigious Guild of Motoring Writer's Sir William Lyons (founder of Jaguar Cars) 'Motoring Writer of the Future Competition'. 

At 17 I was fortunate enough to begin writing for an international car magazine, working alongside many top motoring journalists including James May, who went on to co-present Top Gear for more than a decade. More recently, I became the Editor of an art and lifestyle magazine.

After graduating in English Language and Literature from the University of Southampton, I opened a retail car showroom in 1998. A photograph of the ex-MG Rover main dealer premises can be viewed above.

This city centre showroom was subsequently redeveloped into a Marks and Spencer outlet, providing a perfect opportunity to commence retailing cars online. 

My knowledge of the car industry and motor trade was acknowledged when I was shortlisted to co-present the motoring television series 'Driven' on Channel 4. 

I am sure that my lifelong passion for cars shines through in every vehicle I supply. Every car is driven by myself extensively. This ensures I have complete confidence in the vehicle before handing it over to its new owner. 

I thoroughly enjoy researching the histories of all the cars I retail and I personally carry out every aspect of the research and selection process myself. 
The same workshops have been used since I started the car business
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The same workshops have been used since I started the car business

Pre-Delivery Inspections with Full Workshop and MoT Testing

All cars undergo a pre-delivery inspection and are MoT tested and serviced if appropriate. I have built up an excellent working relationship with a very experienced local workshop and MoT testing station. 

This workshop carries out all servicing, MoT testing and mechanical repairs on my behalf. Using the same workshops throughout my entire career has given me total and utter faith in all the work they carry out. Although all the cars sold from my previous retail showroom were covered by an independent warranty, no customers ever brought any cars back for warranty repairs. This very clearly underlines the high standard to which they were pre-delivery prepared and tested. 
All cars are supplied with a current HPi Clear & NMR Clear Certificate
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All cars are supplied with a current HPi Clear & NMR Clear Certificate

Peace of Mind

All cars have been checked against the HPi register both by myself and by the leasing companies and main dealers I purchase the cars from. 

All cars are totally HPi clear and totally free of any mileage discrepancies on the National Mileage Register. 

I also carry out very extensive research into the histories of all cars. Every single car comes complete with a free HPi certificate/print out confirming that the following checks have been carried out:

- The vehicle is free from outstanding finance
- The vehicle has never been stolen
- The vehicle has not been written off

- Whether the vehicle has had a number plate change and details of all previous cherished transfers
- The vehicle's engine and chassis number match the DVLA records
- The full VOSA MoT History of the vehicle is checked
- Vehicle registration number, chassis number, colour and engine number are all correct according to DVLA and the manufacturer's records
- There are no mileage discrepancies on the National Mileage Register

I ensure that every car is hand washed and shampooed before collection. I take a great deal of pride in the presentation of every car, delivering a showroom style service without the showroom style price!
From my Personal Selection of Previously Sold Cars
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From my Personal Selection of Previously Sold Cars


Prior to explaining more about buying a car from us, I would would like to answer a question that many potential buyers may have in mind......

- Are you Concerned About Buying a Car online? -

If so, remember the big difference between buying a car online and from a conventional car showroom. Apart from the fact you are more than likely to save several thousand pounds, eBay allows you to check out my previous feedback. 


As you can tell from the length and detail of my vehicle descriptions, I am extraordinarily fussy when selecting and describing cars. I have always worked on a quality over quantity basis. 

As my feedback confirms, I only ever offer the very best value vehicles available. Feedback received from clients who have purchased cars, such as those featured below, give me a tremendous amount of satisfaction:

“Fantastic Car. Drove 400 miles home. Hasn't missed a beat A++++"

“Car even better than described, and a real pleasure to deal with this e-bayer"
BMW 320D SE Touring

“First class ebayer, highly recommended, fantastic car chris, thanks A++++"

"Very smooth transaction, car is brilliant, great service & price. AAA++++++++++"

"Stunning car, Very Very Pleased, Many thanks, A++++++++++" 

“Couldn't have been a better transaction - great car -great price - great service. A++”
VOLVO S80 D5 S Automatic

“Car as described, excellent sourcer of top notch cars, will def deal again A++++++”

“Very helpful, great product, no hesitation would recommend to family and friends"

“Pleasure to deal with - Highly recommended - Great car”

“Car was exactly the same as the description and i drove it 400 miles home thanks”

“Transaction was courteous and professional. Would deal again with this ebayer.”

I have also been very pleased to receive many complimentary follow-up emails from very satisfied customers:

"Just a quick thank you for your hospitality yesterday. And thank you for the Rover-she drove beautifully home -all 330 miles without missing a beat, lovely car."

"Thanks for all your help - all my family are impressed with the car ! They thought I was a bit mad going all that way but now they can see it was worth it."

"Just like to say thanks, the car runs and drives like a dream, got 50 mpg out of it and over 650 miles out of 1 tank of diesel. thanks again."
BMW 320d SE

"The car runs like a dream. Thank you very much."

"Just to let you know we drove back safely and thought you'd like to know how very pleased we are with the car - Many thanks."
One of the 40 plus HD photos all our car listings come with
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One of the 40 plus HD photos all our car listings come with

Exceptional Value for Money and Highly Detailed Descriptions

Buyers can be assured of buying high quality cars at very low prices. I enjoy sourcing the best cars at the best prices. I am a car sourcer but not a sorcerer! There's no magic to it - I just constantly work hard researching the market and purchasing the best cars that offer the best value. I have always worked on a quality over quantity basis and would much rather have no stock than the wrong stock! I make a lot of wasted trips to view cars so you don't have to!

Car showroom retail prices are likely to be thousands of pounds higher and you have to deal with commission hungry salesmen. I have always seen myself as a car enthusiast first and a car dealer second.

When you buy a car from a showroom you're not only paying the salesman's and the management's wages but of course you're also paying for the massive retail overheads, this can equate to as much as £1,000 a car! 

If you decided to sell a showroom bought car privately owing to a change of circumstances, you are almost certain to lose several thousand pounds within a matter of weeks. If you buy one of my cars however there is every chance you could make a profit! 

I always include a very accurate description of the car, including full details of the car's service history and specification. Furthermore I include a minimum of a forty photographs. I was fortunate enough to have a photographic darkroom at my previous house and took GCSE Photography as my Art and Design option at school. I was lucky enough to be the only A Grade student in the South West - so all my photographs should portray the condition of the cars extremely accurately. 

One of the many advantages of eBay is that it is possible to provide a very comprehensive account of the car's condition, specification and history. Conventional classified car ads usually only include a car's mileage, service history status and number of owners but on eBay every last detail of the car can be described.
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Lowering the 'Price to Change' your car

When comparing prices at conventional car showrooms, many buyers simply compare the part exchange allowance offered on their current car. Frankly, if a conventional car dealer offers an enticingly 'over the odds' price for your current car, he will almost certainly recoup this figure by overpricing your new car.
The real secret to a great buy is to compare the 'cost to change' cars. 

For example, 

If we take the example of a customer with a 6 year old BMW 5 Series who wishes to upgrade to a 3 year old BMW 5 Series, we can compare the various options available.
A conventional car dealer may offer £9000 for the current car and ask £16000 for the new car. 

This leaves a price to change of £7000.

However, the 3 year old BMW 5 Series maybe available from us for only  £13000.
If the buyer sells his own six year old car privately or through a 'We Buy Any Car' type company for £9000, the price to change is only £4000.

This saves the buyer a staggering £3000 - the price of a luxury holiday! 

It is for this reason that we do not offer part exchange facilities . As we are selling cars at very low prices we naturally cannot offer an 'over the odds' price for your current car. We therefore recommend that you sell your current car privately, through a 'We Buy Any Car' type company or indeed place the vehicle on eBay, Auto Trader or Gumtree yourself. 

Naturally many bidders will be cash buyers who do not have an existing car to part exchange. Many luxury and sports cars are purchased as 'weekend cars' or second or third cars and therefore part exchanges are not an issue.

However please be advised that we do not offer Part Exchange or Finance Facilities. 

Again in the interests of offering the buyer maximum value for money, it is sometimes more financially beneficial for the buyer to arrange their own finance through a bank loan. It certainly pays to shop around if you are looking for a loan. Signing up for car finance at a conventional dealer is unlikely to always be the most cost effective option. 

I always list my cars very accurately and would never expect a transaction to progress if a client is not completely happy with the car they are buying. 

As my feedback confirms, every single customer has been extremely pleased with their car and there have been absolutely no problems with any of the cars I have sold. Indeed, although all the cars I sold from the showroom were covered by an independent warranty no customers ever brought any cars back for any warranty claims! 

I can offer extremely competitive prices as I no longer run a retail showroom. My prices are often thousands of pounds below some retail prices and this is reflected in the fact that all car sales sold at eBay prices are not retail sales and are therefore not sold with an on going warranty. This will be noted on all sales receipts. If you wish to purchase an independent warranty yourself, there are many aftermarket options available. Please visit the websites of Warranty Direct and Warranty Wise,  their cover is extremely comprehensive and relatively inexpensive. Peace of mind is available at a very reasonable price. At the time of writing, January 2016, it is not a legal requirement for a car dealer to offer a warranty, your statutory rights apply. Please remember that my cars are always listed at the lowest prices in the UK and have always appealed to bargain hunters. I am offering the opportunity to buy at trade or near trade prices so you cannot expect full dealership facilities at these low prices. By purchasing a vehicle you are accepting my terms and conditions. If you do not agree with my terms and conditions, please do not purchase a vehicle. 

If you require full dealer facilities at full retail prices, there are thousands of other dealerships that will be able to help you.

Please note that we do not offer a delivery service - this is because we prefer for the buyer to view and drive the car to ensure they are totally happy with it before they purchase it. This also prevents the potential headache of a car being damaged while in the custody of a delivery company.

I always try to be as critical as possible in all my descriptions but please remember many of the cars I offer are available for  literally a small fraction of their new price and may show some very minor signs of their age and mileage travelled. 

I am extremely meticulous when selecting cars and describing them and have always worked on a quality over quantity basis. For every car I purchase, I decline at at least one hundred. I really am that fussy! By concentrating on a lower number of cars, I can ensure that all cars are of the highest quality. As my feedback confirms, I only ever offer the very best value vehicles available.
Collecting the car from Newquay Airport can greatly reduce your travelling time
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Collecting the car from Newquay Airport can greatly reduce your travelling time

Planes and Trains to Collect your Automobile

Free Collection Service for Buyers from the Nearest Airport or Railway Station 

I appreciate that many buyers are a considerable distance from us. In order to make your journey easier, I am able to collect the buyer from Newquay airport or St Austell railway station.
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Please note that we can only accept the following forms of payment, without exception:

Cash on collection (paid into my account, in the local branch of the bank in my presence within banking hours, 9.30am - 4.30pm) or by a CHAPS Bank Transfer (arranged 2 days before collecting the car) or by a Faster Payments Bank Transfer (arranged 2 hours before collecting the car). 

Conventional Bank transfers can of course be reversed so unfortunately I cannot release the car on the same day as receiving a CHAPS bank transfer. I can release the car within 2 hours of receiving a Faster Payments Bank Transfer but please be aware that I need to receive notification from my bank that the Faster Payments Transfer has cleared. If for example, the bank has some technical issue on that day I will not be able to release the car until the cleared funds have been 100% confirmed. I am sure that genuine buyers will understand this.

Please note I cannot accept a cheque or draft as they take too long to clear. I can only accept verified cash or a pre-arranged CHAPS or Faster Payment transfer only. I strictly cannot accept any other form of payment. Unfortunately it is possible to stop building society cheques and bankers drafts after they have been issued. I am sure that genuine buyers will understand how I cannot afford to take any risks when accepting payment. The car will only be released when the funds are 100% clear in my account, as confirmed by my bank. 

Unfortunately, I cannot accept payment by debit or credit cards.

I fully appreciate the security aspect of the buyer travelling with large amounts of cash so it maybe more convenient to arrange to collect the cash at my local branch so it can be withdrawn from your account and paid into my account at the same time. In all cases, the Cornish branch of your bank will need to be informed by the buyer first and made aware that you intend to collect a large sum of money from this branch.
Please note I cannot accept payment by Paypal and can only sell cars to UK bidders. 

Please note that cars are not taxed for the buyer, as per DVLA rules in effect since October 2014. In the past most buyers have taxed the car just after paying for it, the local branch of the bank is conveniently a few steps away from the Post Office. 

Please note that viewings are available strictly by appointment only. We are not currently a retail showroom, the address below is our previous retail premises.

Many thanks for viewing our 'About Me' page. I hope it has been of assistance.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask me via the 'Ask Seller a Question' link.

Many thanks again for taking the time to find out more us.    
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