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We are the longest serving UK Owned Ltd Property Company based in South Bulgaria.

As we ALWAYS say, DO NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY until you have been to Bulgaria and meet the people you may wish to deal with and see where they operate along with what they have for sale and IF they really DO OWN the property as they say they do.

We know of a Polish Women who sells property in gypsy villages (how would you know?) who is married to a Russian Man and even boasts that she once used to work for the Russian Mafia (have witnesses to this) with a Bulgarian Boyfriend who are currently being looked into by The British Embassy and the Police for wrong doings along with an attempted Murder case (we have the details here along with witnesses) there are tape recordings as well.  

What ever you do DO NOT PART WITH ANY MONEY TO ANYONE until you have been to Bulgaria and seen what you are buying and from whom.

Stick to this rule PLEASE and dont listen to a lot of crap on this site.

As for MUD Brick, a load of crap on here about this, SIMPLE; think about it, you try putting in a screw and hanging a sink on it come to think even a picture. When you put the rawl plug in to the Mud Brick and then screw the screw in the whole lot will turn, what happens to MUD brick when it gets wet? Wake up please, people will tell you that MUD brick is GOOD, rubbish, JUST LOOK at the outside mud brick walls in ebay adverts, are they falling apart? They are saying that it is GOOD, because that is what they sell, as mud brick properties are cheaper to buy and sell on to you, simple.

Which would you have a Mud Brick property OR a Stone Property, which would last longer? So which one would cost you more?

Wake up please.

Have you read about " How you can get grants and make money from Agricutural land and Bee Hives/keeping?"

Ask yourself this: "If it was that good then why arnt the people/company doing it themselves?"

Because they can make MORE money from you telling you about it and selling you the idea!. Try it and see for yourself.

We know of a Bulgarian Lady who has 65,000 sq mtrs of Agricultural land that she lets out to farmers (she is to old to farm it) how much does she get for doing so? 200 leva for the year!

How much would this cost to buy a the plot? More than the 200 leva! By the way you can buy agricutural land for £50 per acre, not the hyped up prices that people say it will cost and there is plenty of it over here.

Just be very careful as Bad people will always tell you they are GOOD and that the GOOD HONEST people are the Bad ones, just read what we say here and make up your own mind, and not the crap on this site which is written by competitors who do not like what we say, I wonder WHY?

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