Our Experience: African Ebay Scam

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Many thanks for your info. This helped us to recognize scams. This is what we've just experienced: Immediately after we listed an item for £2000 on ebay, we received an email  from a man with a posh English name who claimed to work on 'an oil rig' needing our item (a precious Medieval facsimile Book of Hours) for 'his son's birthday.'

Before we even agreed on the price, he said he 'tried to pay us but,' he said, 'his pick up agent needed £200 upfront.' He did not even bother to ask us where we live and where this pick up agent is based. He said he is going to send an extra £200 on top of the price of the item to us, and he asked us to send that extra £200 to Africa thru Western Union. Presumably he will send £2200 to a FAKE Paypal account and we (thinking we have received £2200) will send his 'agent' in Africa the £200.

His English does not seem to be up to the standard of an oil professional. This is one of his emails below today (febr 10, 2013):

''I was just about to pay when i had this problem with the pick up, my pick up agent says i will need to pay for the pick up before they can schedule a pick up time, they charged me £200 for pick up and delivery,and payments for pick up made through them is made to their corporate international headquarters which is in the Africa and the payments is made through western union money transfer, i will add the £200 to your money i will send through paypal as soon as i have made the payments, i will email you and let you know and please i will need you to help me send the money to my pick up agent Hq in the Africa through western union money transfer, this can be done from any post office ,there is always western union money transfer section in most post offices(you can do it online as well at  westernunion .., i would have done it myself but we cant/bring some of our personal effects along, i am a little incapacitated.....I will appreciate your help here. Jordan.''
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