Our Vintage Clothes Buying Guide

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Hello and Welcome to BritishVintageBoutique1 guide to purchasing Vintage Clothing.

A Few Steps to consider when purchasing Vintage clothing

1: Sizings
Best thing to do is find an item of clothing you own and really like and match it up to the mesurements on the listing that I shall put in. The sizes ie S, M or L that we use might not reflect everyones version of them especially with the crazy 70s & 80s sizings where xs didn't actually exist so always mesure up!

2: Have a read of the description
Please ensure you read the listing as we shall mention any flaws the item may have so you know exactly what you will get when it arrives in the post with no dissapointment! The only relitively unhappy people we get very rarely are the ones who havn't read the description or the sizings!

3: Lets talk
Any questions please ask, any problems please msg me first before leaving instant negative feedback. I will try my very best to ensure we both go away happy rather than the both of us with negative feedback.

Thanks for your time

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