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We've all been there. You get an invite in the post to a wedding/party and your 1st thought is "what can I wear?? " after all everyone you know will be there so you can't wear something you've worn before can you? Luckily this is wear eBay comes in. So start with the main event, dress or top depending on the soirée. I find it easier to pick what colour I'm after 1st. I tend to stick with purple but I am a bit partial to yellow. So type in for example "purple dress size xx(whatever your size)" and scroll through. I have had a lot of success buying dresses from Asia over the years. Your guaranteed a different look to make you stand out and they are invariably cheaper than brand new from the UK. This of course depends on how far ahead your "do" is. No use if its next week! 2nd hand dresses bought from supermarkets are also amazing to buy. I had a beautiful wrap effect dress from Asda bought originally for £16 and only worn once buy the seller......I paid £4 for it and got some fabulous compliments at a wedding. So think outside the box, don't be tempted to go for Labels and be a sheep....stand out from the crowd
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Depending on your thought process shoes are either the main event or the afterthought but either way they need to be A, amazing and B, comfy enough to last through your party. I tend to go toward kitten heel stilettos with a hidden platform at the moment as the go with absolutely EVERYTHING and look amazeballs. The range here on eBay is phenomenal, from nude to sparkling silver or even leopard print, and patent, matt, suede....the material choice is great. They look so unusual and whether its a dress/skirt/trousers or even shorts your wearing they have the ability to go with it all


So.....the finishing touches. Handbags are a right pain. They slip off your shoulder and don't get me started on clutch bags and the hand cramps from holding them all bloody day. The solution?? Wristlets. Google it. Big enough for your phone, purse, lippy and a few other odds and sods with the advantage of a wrist strap. I have bought several over the last few years from eBay, mostly from Asia (again if you have the luxury of time) but there are also some real beauties to be had in the UK. They seem to be overlooked so tend to cost about £5 Max. I mean come on...what are you gonna do not buy them!? 
Now for the last 2 bits. Earrings and arm decoration. 
Earrings come in 2 parts for me, I buy cheap ones. Always dangly and if you look up costume jewellery in the colour palate you are using the choice is endless and you get some real stand out pieces. But, I can't wear them. The cheap metal irritates my skin so here is the 2nd part. Buy the findings (hooks) separately from the jewellery making section. Usually a pack of 10 sterling silver hooks will set you back £2/£3 pounds so you can't argue with that!
And finally bracelets. Should you decide you want to adorn your arms I'd always veer toward the Asian market time permitting. The choice is outstanding and again a fraction of the price here. Should time not be on your side searching for ones bought at supermarkets is your next best thing, again much cheaper and not as many will have bought them.
I hope this guide has been of use, and you'll have as much fun putting your outfits together as i have over the years!
I'd never heard of eBay guides until I received an offer as part of a promotion from Bzzagent Uk
Happy shopping :-) 
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