Over Priced Items Sold on eBay WHY?

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How many of us using eBay, buy items only to find other sites offering the same item

for alot less than  listed on eBay. I asked a seller a question.

Would you consider selling your item plus post for £50.00?

His reply back. Sorry, £50.00 isn't enough as it cost me £200. orignal

My reply. Most items cost a lot when new, but we seem to fail to understand

 that items years later, do not hold the same value in price,

and in fact can & do reduce as low as a quarter of it's orginal price.

Why do sellers want the same cost for the listed item

(That he paid when NEW!, back in the days)

considering the item is now second hand and many year used older?

In the end, most over priced items are relisted again and again. With the seller wondering WHY?

Thank you for reading.

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