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Drum & Hardware cases Cases

As any great drummer knows, lugging around your gear is certainly not the high point of the instrument; Therefore reliable cases are indeed a necessity. Hopefully this review will help you to get a better idea on drum cases in general.

Firstly are the budget cases, (Pearl, Mapex, Stagg etc.) usually full sets range from around £50-£70, and in terms of quality they offer much more risk free transportation. Stopping any scuffing and scraping that may occur when moving your gear around. All these types of cases come with a thin layer of foam padding as well to protect against impact damage. The hardware cases are of good quality as well, with durable zips and various different pockets and compartments. Another thing worth noting is that any hardware case with wheels has a rigid solid bottom, this is a great feature and definitely worth the extra cost. So be sure to keep any eye out for ‘WHEELS’ in any listing. If you’re after cases which are certainly up for the task but you aren’t looking to spend an arm and a leg, these are the way to go!

The next part of the review is split between professional soft and also hard cases. First up of the two are the pro soft cases (Protection Racket, Ahead Armor Cases etc.) which are more expensive but also are of much better quality and have more features. To begin: Usually these cases have a woollen interior which is very friendly to your drums and hardware, this can actually buff your drums during transit! Next is the material, these cases are mostly made from a super tough nylon which can take a huge amount of punishment. These cases also have about 3-4 cm of padding as well, so protection is of a much higher quality. Once again with the hardware cases, look out for ones with wheels as these come with a rigid bottom. Basically if you have high quality drums or hardware then is definitely worth going for high quality cases.

Finally the Hardcases, these are exactly what they say on the tin, constructed from a pliable yet immensely resistant material. It’s easy to put two and two together and realise that these cases offer the highest amount of protection. With a tough outer layer and foam padded interior, they will get you from A to B without worry or concern. They also feature fast lock durable crocodile clips for better ease of use. However there are a couple of down points, firstly is size, they can be a little bit bigger than the soft cases and also weight, they are obviously heavier. If you have a high end kit I would say don’t take the risk and go for Hardcases everytime, easily the best protection offered out of all cases!


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