Owning a Japanese Samurai sword....Lucky person

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Despite the media and sadly ebay,owning a true sword from Japan be it a Gendaito,Koto,Shinto or shin shinto, it is both educational and huge fun.  If Inscribed the translation may be from 70 to a 1000 years ago.  The smith could be a national treasure or a man/Woman, that worked part time in a factory produceing either a blade in traditional style or produceing a blade for the lower rank,eg,Sgt,with machined blade and no hamon.   
Did you know that NCO blades with all copper mounts can fetch  (Or could on ebay) hundreds of £/GBP?, that I once bought a military mounted sword with some civil mounts for £40 and twenty years later sold it for £10.000.................

Sooooooo, befor you despair or just become afraid of  a WW2 trophy, they are legal,any Katana,Wakazashi,Tanto etc, you can own,trade with a collector or sell at auction, a recent London auction sold a Daisho,(Matched pair of swords carried by a Samurai,)  for £22.000..................The Ebay and British government are way to wrong in this matter, as they are with Japanese Matchlock Guns, This is hardly a weapon of choice for criminals.  Consider, a weapon that needs a smoldering piece of string to fire, weighs anyware between four and ten pounds and needs black powder to fire..............would you???, but ebay ban it.

If you nhave a question, ask me, if I can help I will and no charge, just a hobby of mine for forty plus years.   you can email from ebay or  my web site.   www.collectorsloot.homestead.com

Good collecting

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