P&P rip offs

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What annoys me most is sellers who charge tuppence for an item and over-exaggerate the posage charges.  For instance, I was charged nearly £20 for the postage of 7 CD's - most of which came in broken cases.  Should you find yourself in this situation, I opened a dispute in PayPal to have my money refunded and got it all back within a week.  The seller didn't agree with my complaint but at least I was refunded.  I gave the seller feedback based on factual events.  Another thing I can't stand is tit4tat feedback.  I don't see the point in a feedback forum if everything is "smooth over" behind the scenes.  I expect a high standard of service from the start (professional transaction, well packaged, quick delivery) and this is what I offer to my customers.  I sort out issues right there and then, I ask what the customer what me to do to resolve issues.  So, hence if I give feedback based on my actual experience with the seller or buyer.  But the negetives/neutrals (except one when cat died) I received were not my fault but that of the seller or buyer.  Try and be truthful and reply to feedback if necessary.  k9cmh.

Updated: 16/01/09.....

Well at last, eBay have finally reviewed their P&P policies and sellers like the above can no longer get away with this unacceptable over-charging.  I, myself am a seller.  I weigh each item with appropriate packing on digital scales and then check good olde Royal Mail for prices.  If I do accidentally make mistakes (dispatched as a large letter when I have charged P&P for a packet, for example), then I inform the buyer when I am sending the dispatch notice.  Their PayPal account is then refunded the difference, less the packaging.

Glad to see eBay have finally wisened up.

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