P+P rip-offs!!

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More and more people are STILL trying to make money by over-charging on post and packing charges. I received, in the last month, several items so poorly wrapped and overcharged on the P+P I am not sure what to do...... One item arrived in a bin bag (yes - it was clean, but had broken so was used for wrapping) - it was torn to pieces in the mail machinery. Another arrived in a Sainsbury's bag - also ripped (and this was a handbag - no protective wrapping, just the plastic bag and postage label - for a grand total of £7.00 p+p). Two arrived in re-used brown envelopes (fine, if they had been re-sealed properly, but all my postie could do was laugh when he rang the bell!). One arrived simply in one sheet of used bubble wrap - my postie said I was lucky to receive the DVD set.......and all these sellers had charged over £4.00 for P+P. OK, I could have simply NOT bid. Fair point. But even with Ebays new(ish) rules, people are still trying to squeeze the seller. BE SURE TO CHECK THE P+P BEFORE YOU BID _ THEN YOU WON'T BE MOANING (like me!)
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