PABSDIRECT - PA Business Systems - Retford, Notts

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 would like to take this opportunity to write a quick guide on the above company - if you are in the process of, or are planning to purchase from them either direct or via E-bay

Note that the below is my own experience (and it was a costly one) and may not relfect the general operations of this company. I STRONGLY advise looking at the NEGATIVE FEEDBACK this company has (and they have a lot!)

This company mainly seem to sell REFURBISHED electrical products - I have no doubt that they do sell new also, but the 3 x products I purchased from them were all boxed, however one was broken, one was different spec (lower) to that what was listed, and the other was out of stock. The 2 x items delivered were clearly refurbed models (or at least had been out of the box, had multiple fingermarks etc and didnt have protective LCD plastics fixed etc) - they were advertised as 'NEW IN BOX' but sadly didnt meet that description!

Note my experience also:

1) I was expected to pay postage for the faulty item to be returned
2) I never received replies to my E-mails regarding the different (lower) spec'd item that wase sent incorrectly
3) I had previously checked that the 3rd item was in stock before bidding, but it never arrived with the courier (CityLink). The listing stated 'next day delivery if payment before 2pm. This was done, and I waited in for delivery - a wasted day as it never arrived.

Eventually, I had to trawl through Paypal disputes to get a refund for the 'out of stock' item. This company were appauling in their communications about the problems I had.

It may be that this company are listing and/or selling items that are due in stock (but they dont seem to know when thay will be arriving) - and making promises about delivery that they cannot honour.

Of course, you make up your own mind, but expect your product (if it arrives!) - possibly not to be new (ie refurb) - and if anything goes wrong (check the negative feedback) you may then find that communications with the company is very bad, and you may have to go through E-bay/Paypal for any refunds/disputes

I note that this company has also been mentioned (for poor customer service/products) in the Packard-Bell forums and are mentioned as 'to avoid' in other AV forums.

Again, my (and others) experiences may have been just unlucky - but I feel that writing this guide may help others



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