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 One of my interests are collecting old records, particularly the shellac 78rpm's. These old discs may look tough and hardy, but they are infact very fragile and do not fair well within the postal system.   This guide is not directed at those who sell these items on a regular basis as they are fully aware of the importance of good packaging for these type of discs to prevent breakages in transit and disappointed customers like me, and no doubt a few others out there. 

Please take note, a bit of bubble wrap or a jiffy bag is NOT good enough. Packaging does not have to be an expense, recycle what ever is at hand and keep costs down for yourself and the customer

1. Cut two sheets of rigid cardboard or hardboard to the size of the disc. Place either side and cellotape together

2. Loosely wrap in bubble wrap or sandwich between screwed up pages of a news paper, or old carrier bags, or polystyrene sheets/filler or pieces can be used.

3. This all can be finally packaged into a pizza style box or any other cardboard box of a suitable size for posting. But ensure there is some clearence to the edges of the disc as well.

Please remember, when sending any fragile and breakable items through the post to package it well, more is better than less. You cannot blame the postal system for everything that goes wrong. A bit of thought into packaging  prevents having disappointed/upset customers as well as the potential of lost trade in the future.

Hope this has been helpful  to all you record sellers and anyone trading in breakables





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