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I buy quite a lot of Vinyl on EBAY and the number of sellers who do NOT use Stiffeners and/or Mailers is astonishing.It's OK to send Items between two pieces of Card the correct size...But please try and include a polythene Sleeve and send the Discs OUTSIDE the Card or Mailers.It makes a lot os sense if you think about it as Discs do slice the sleeves to ribbons when they are sent in the Company or Picture Sleeves.That ends up with the Seller getting either NEGATIVE feedback....or having to do a refund~usually Via Paypal~AND the buyer is then asked to pay for the return of that Item...then is well on the way to receiving negative feedback~or neutral feedback at best.

Just a wee bit of common sense can erradicate these often prolific ways of how NOT to mail Vinyl.It only costs a few pence for each Poly Sleeve.

And myself?...I include the Polythene Sleeve & TWO Stiffeners in the Card Mailers and still charge only £2.99 in the UK for LP's~soon to be FREE on EBAY!!!~and £1.75 for all 7" Vinyl Items~and further~with the Vinyl Disc sent OUTSIDE the Company or Picture Sleeve and in an 'unwanted' or 'old' sleeve.

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