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Hello fellow ebayers,

I thought that I would try Parcel2Go as the prices are great and there were a lot of good reviews posted on the website, however, I missed a full day at work to wait in for a parcel that was meant to arrive between the hours of 8AM - 9PM and no one arrived! I then spoke to a very rude representative the day after who promised me that it would arrive the next day but yet again, it did not and they did not even have the courtesy to ring me or email me with information about the delivery. I had to call them again, using their premium rate number and get it re-booked, the representative told me that it would arrive a week later if I re-booked it. This meant that my customer and I have had to wait over a week for postage, it's not fair on myself or the customer - it always looks bad from the customers perspective to me, as if I am the one that has delayed the delivery especially because it is such an expensive item. I have had to get a refund which took almost a week to go through - a lot longer than the payment, of course! Only to find that they had not refunded me the correct amount. I am not happy at all, please, anyone reading this, spend a bit extra and go with another company - they are NOT worth it!

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