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i started making paving a couple years ago and after a bit of trial and error have perfected it and can turn out 300 slabs a day with the help of one person.

i started off by buying 350 moulds off ebay and after sorting out what i wanted ended up with about 100 york 450 x 450. i didn't have much money to buy expensive equipment like a vibrating table or large cement mixer so settled for a belle 150 and converted a £40 vibration exerciser as my vibrating table which worked wonders,the only down side was you could only do one slab at a time.i now have over 100 moulds including rotundas,sun circles and all the sizes for york flags. i'm mainly doing rotundas with squaring off kits and the sun circles with squaring off kits and sell locally in the freeads and to builders.

it was hard finding a cheap mix but did eventually. at first i was buying dumpy bags of 10mm ballast at about £38 but you didn't get a full ton and it was affecting profits. i finally found a quarry who would supply a loose ton for £25 per ton,the only down side was you had to have 5 ton at a time which is a big pile but the price i was selling at it soon went, it had gone in the first week.there's 3 of us now and we are using 10 ton a week. we can fill all our moulds in 3 days and demould and refill as we go along working 6 days a week. it's hard work but it's worth the reward.

my mix is 5 to 1 and we now have two benford 300 litre mixers which can turn out 400 slabs an hour.

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