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I have been on ebay for just over a year now & in that time i have noticed in the mobile phone category especially that you pay an arm & a leg on postage for a phone to be sent to you.

There was one seller that i noticed who was selling a phone,lived in the UK wait for it,,, he was charging £15.00 p&p which i personally thought was just crazy or either that just pure utter greed. There is simply no need to charge that amount for postage, £5 is a more reasonable price but this seller was just overboard.

So when you really think about it that £15 p&p could go to a brand new phone right out the shop where you don't have postage!!!!

No disrespect to Ebay but there should be a standard limit on p&p that is fair not just the seller but the buyer as well.

I really hope this helps you in the future & not spending a fortune or you will end up PAYING THE PRICE.

Please vote if this useful imformation that i have given was any use.

Thank for your time reading this

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