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Please be cautious if you are buying from a seller who will only accept Postal Orders, and are selling a few of the same item. It looks like they are selling 9 items, but then when you check "sellers other items" they are selling 27 items. They are selling 3 of the same thing. Yes people do have a few items that are similar or the same, but  alot of the items they are selling are ones that are very popular, and selling for BIG MONEY. How many people have,  3 identical bags Used, 3 identical tops Used, 3 identical pairs of shoes Used,  3 eye palettes NEW, 3 moisturisers NEW, and other expensive items that are NEW.  Please, Please just be aware that people are trying to make £££, $$$, EUROS.  Most people who Buy or Sell on Ebay are, Looking for a bargin, or trying to make a little bit of extra cash. Some of these sellers also have NO FEEDBACK. Please dont be a victim, but with care and enjoy Ebay.
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