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We sold a mobile phone on ebay and the guy said he`d recently moved address so could we post it to his new address. He paid via paypal so as soon as I received the funds I got the phone posted to him overseas. He paid £270 for this mobile phone so I figured for the large amount of money paid ill send it airsure. Within a couple of days the £270 got reversed from my account. I called paypal up and they told me to get in contact with this guy who brought my phone. So I did...A few days went by then he contacted me telling me he`d paid for the phone again and the money was in my account so I went and checked and the guys name had changed and within a hour or two ebay had yet again removed the £270 from my account.


I contacted paypal and they told me that id been paid with stolen funds and there was nothing I could do about this. So my paypal account became overdraw. Im now in debt with paypal and they tell me I now have to pay the money back into my account to get it reinstated. Not only that but I now have no mobile phone.


I feel ultimatly ripped off and conned big time


Beware.....if you know whats good for you, then you wont use paypal

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