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Ever tried calling PAYPAL customer services? Paypal are not exactly the most customer service orientated of outfits. 

You might consider phoning Paypal customer services if you have given up the will to live after going round and round in circles on their website. If you take this direct option you might get lucky and have your problem resolved..............but then again!........

Here are A few simple tips to follow to help you on your way.

  1. Don't set your expectations too high, if your a seller Paypal will of course take your fees but don't be fooled into thinking that because of this you will be treated as a doesn't work like this.
  2. Having chosen to phone Paypal you might want to speak to a person rather than a computer. If you want to speak to an agent just keep repeating "AGENT" over and above the automated voice.
  3. You will probably now be put on hold - don't be fooled by the dull melancholic music, it is designed to send you to sleep, to dampen your senses, what ever you do - hold on to your edge and above all, don't forget why you called in the first place.
  4. Now your through to the agent make sure you have got all of the different paypal coding to hand. By coding I mean the code letters and numbers sprinkled all over their web pages. the temporary 6 digit pin is quite valuable in proving who you are.
  5. Better still try to have your computer by your phone......... but turn the power saver settings off before making the call.
  6. When you're talking to the agent try to remain really isn't their fault, they are on the frontline of customer service and probably doing the best job they can using processes that are designed for a purpose other than customer satisfaction.
  7. At all costs avoid asking for the supervisor or manager, this will only result in being put back on hold for the remainder of the call.

I hope this guide helps you. You will find that most simple and straight forward problems can be resolved in about 4 days to a week. Set your expectations at the lower end of the scale and you will avoid disappointment.

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