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Hi all

When your using Paypal to buy an item and then trying to get refunded if the item is not as discribed .

First Paypal intermediate for you and try to get you the best deal on a refund...ha ha ha...big laugh ,

I had an item sent to me that was not of the quality i paid for.. also paid for 20 but only received 10 two of which were broken and they were of very poor quality,

so i informed paypal and they informed me that the seller was prepared to give me half my money back?????

well i declined and said i wanted all refunded Paypal said ok we will try for you ok,

ha ha ha big laugh again ...they said ok  you must send back the item sent to you in it origanal packaging ??? how ??packagine was distryed opening it...

also they said postage at my own cost ?????   WHY the item was sent to me using my money it did not cost the seller any thing to send it so WHY should i have to pay to return the item?that meen's i paid twis for the postage so i loose out both times

But Paypal kept saying you must pay you must pay ...but would not explane WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????

what a crock of crap

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