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Dear Readers,

Just a quick note on paypal and its uses.

Even though it is an ebay company the 2 rarely communicate and as a result sellers often get scammed. I have sent many items to customers who then turn around and say they haven't received them. Even if I send paypal all relevant details, receipts and conversations, etc... they will still always side with the buyer unless the item was sent by recorded delivery.

Maybe its my fault by not sending it recorded but it helps to keep costs down normally - however, getting scammed is not part of the deal !!!!

There has been cases where correspondence via ebay clearly shows the good has been received and yet paypal will not take ebay emails to be proof.

Paypals fees are high and on top of ebays sometimes it makes you feel whats the point in selling low cost items, but if you do always ensure to send the item recorded !!

Hope this helps

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