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Do you sell on ebay ? Do you only ship to the uk ? ok well read on ... According to Uk police internet crime units a very common fraud is being committed with Paypal acting as a go between and in effect party of the crime  here is an example:

Seller A: lists an item on ebay , and set his/her account so that only UK buyers can bid. Via questions and answers a buyer in another country asks  'Will you ship to my country?' seller replies ' Sorry I only ship to uk'. Buyer then says 'ok will you ship to my friend in say london' Seller agrees .The ebay member in another country bids wins and pays instantly via paypal . Item is sent  with tracking . Upon reciept the customer states that items are missing/broken and raises a dispute with paypal. Paypal hold the payment and instruct the buyer to send the item back with tracking , once return delivery is confirmed of the tracking details a refund will be given . The buyer sends back an empty envolope with a tracking number .Upon confirmation of delivery of 'the tracking number' Paypal refund the buyer . So in a nut shell you have lost your item and your payment !!! Dont sell overseas is the answer because its very dificult to take county court action .All uk police forces now have internet crime departments, if you are victim of any such crime and Paypal are un-helpful  contact your local police

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