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Paypal can reverse a transaction for many different reasons. It has happend to me and I lost  £115 for accepting paypal from a buyer who ordererd more stock. The buyer informed paypal someone had used his credit card 3 months after the transaction. Though paypal tells the seller where to send the goods i lost the money and the goods. In the U.K. the only post within the U.K. which has a tracking code is by special delivery.The stock i sent would have been to expensive to use this so like all sellers i used Royal Mail Parcels and got proof of postage. I sent this to paypal they said this was no good i phoned paypal and spoke to them and explained everything and they said tough luck and terminated the call.The buyer had done this to other sellers from around the world who also lost there money and stock. I phoned the police and they could do nothing. The buyer lives in Wales and has no land line and does not return mail . He since has changed his user I.D. and is no longer registered with ebay i wonder why but where is my money.I wish paypal would make it quite clear to buyers that sellers require a tracking code and this is expensive. I get buyers complaining to me all the time thinking i am ripping them off but it is not me it is PAYPAL but then we all know who owns paypal say no more.
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