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Hi all, Just a quick one but i think its worth me putting it up on here!

I was on my new mobile phone which has the internet, i was on a website which accepted PAYPAL and bought an item. It went to the PAYPAL page no problem and the payment went through fine as usual on the PC.

I then went directly to to check my balance, the page flickered a few times and then a times came on the screen to show it was loading. I left the phone to load for a few seconds. When it was loaded i was faced with a site that looked very similar to paypals home page but instead was a random IP address in the browser bar. I didnt log in but clicked around to find the site was indeed a spoof and somehow i had been re-directed. I am currently looking into this with my operator.

If i hadn't been paying attention i wouldnt have known and could have lost alot of money, so i think the top tip here is to always check the web address in the browser bar starts with (http://) ( and also make sure your phones internet network is secure....

Thanks, Laura

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