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I have sold 100's of items over ebay

Only Paypal has been the main culprit for reversing transactions and sending funds back to the buyer after the transaction

Buyers can be crafty and can somehow reverse the payment of a transaction -weeks AFTER the item has been sent (with proof)

I recieved a notice that a buyers payment (£26) was on a 'temporary hold' as they may be 'fraudulent'.  I informed the buyer who 'claimed' to know nothing about it and said that he cant log in to paypal - RUBBISH

A week later he said he had not recieved the item and threatened negative feedback if I did not resend

How did I know he was lying?? because when I did a royal mail lost claim he declined to say that the item had not arrived - making the claim unsuccessful.  Royal mail then confirmed the item as recieved

The next day paypal reversed the transaction completley - so not only did he get items for free, his money was refunded by paypal. 

The buyer still emailed again demanding a cheque for £26 or another item because he refused to reslove with paypal - AFTER paypal reversed the transaction!

Paypal helps fraudulent buyers - because they always decide in the buyers favour, plus temporary holds are done INTENTIONALLY BY THE BUYERS because they initiate chargebacks to there account

My advice to all sellers - beware of this and report it to ebay, do not under any circumstances send buyers items or refunds via cheque etc if the funds are on temporary hold - you risk losing double because paypal will send the funds back to the buyer eventually

If a buyer leaves a negative because of this - unfortunatley because of ebays now useless one sided feedback system there isnt much you can do other then reply to the comment on your feedback page

Then report them to the bank and/or police for initiating fraudulent chargebacks

It sucks that some people can be so dishonest - paypal included

Best thing to do is be an honest seller and dont allow yourself to be scammed - regardless


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