PAYPAL needs shutting Down!!!

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i sold something before christmas too the value off £200, great i thought, then it all goes to peices!!

Paypal say that the card used from the buyer, is an unautherised transaction.

I understand that we have held the payment received from the
above-mentioned buyer and this is because we have detected an unauthorised
credit card use of the buyer. I recommend that you contact your buyer and
have her inform us that the transaction she made with you is authorised.

As this fund needs to be investigated, your account was deducted
temporarily for the amount in question as neither the seller nor the buyer
should have access to the fund. Once the investigation is completed, PayPal
will decide to whom the fund should be released.

We apologise for this inconvenience.

Please contact us if you need further assistance.

O.k i thought, guess ill just wait too see what happens. notice ive placed a certain sentance in bold, well a few days after this the funds were released to my bank account..

Great! i thought, so i send the buyer his product and spend the money as most people do. then a week later paypal are trying to take £200 from my bank!! hang on a minute didnt you say "Once the investigation is completed, PayPal
will decide to whom the fund should be released.
 "  well in my eyes you released the funds and i went ahead and made the transaction to the buyer! 

so now im £200 out off pocket and had a phone call from a credit collection agency for the money owed to paypal....i asked PAYPAL to contact the buyer requesting my item back but to no avail...i myself tried to contact the buyer but too no avail...and paypal have NEVER explained too me if they ever TRIED to contact the buyer or indeed did!! oh and u will never get to speak to someone from paypal ever....

wish i new were i stood with the law and if anyone has had a similar problem please post as i cant afford to lose £200

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