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Bought a receiver and paid through Paypal.  It arrived and when connected up it didn't work.

Contacted the seller,expained, and said I wanted to return it and get me money back.

Seller said it was working okay when they posted it, and didn't want to take it back.

An impasse.     Enter Paypal - a dispute, then a claim.

Result - NO.

Although I'd already paid for an item described as ''working perfectly'' Paypal said that unless I paid the cost of proof that it wasn't, then they wouldn't pursue the claim.

As I didn't I've still got this useless piece of  ****.

Where is the ''Buyer Protection'' in that?

                                                                                                                    Had I bought an item from an online trader which wasn't working they would have accepted it back - without the further cost of  ''proof''.


Finally took this piece of junk (for which I paid £200 + p&p) down to me local Hifi shop.   They said £80 to fix it, or they'd give me £40 for it.

Needless to say, it's still down there  -  what's the point.  



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