PEGI Regions

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How to check if a game will work on your console?

Most people know that when buying a game its best to check the content, age, region of that game so that they can make an informed decision on wheather this will be suitable for there and or child's game play!
Will this region play on your game console? Well the answer is check what region is stated on the game, this normally is set out in this way:
For Nintendo
The first part means which console, second is the game code for the title, Last letters mean which country it was designed for.
I.E:- UK means Great Britain, USA means united States of America and so on, so depending on your country will depend what the letters are!
For other games such Microsoft, Playstation and etc they normally state PAL, NTSU and so on.....
Different won't play on other regions!
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What is Region Lock?

Wii U, 3DS are the only current consoles to limit games to particular countries. Nintendo's next console seems likely to reverse the company's recent policy of mandatory region locking, which limits software to run only on hardware sold in the same geographic area.
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